I'm Back!!

Afternoon my Lovelies,

Some of you might not have noticed, since the blog has been nicely updated pretty much all week, but I've actually just returned from a week's holiday (thank heaven for Blogger's Scheduling!), but I spent the past week in a part of Wales with no signal. I thought that it would be tough without my mobile phone or internet access (I didn't even bother taking my laptop at all! But, it was actually really refreshing.

This must be the longest I've gone without my laptop since I started the move into Freelance Writing (June 2009), so this holiday was a big deal for me.

My laptop and internet weren't the only things that I managed without either! I actually took my hair straighteners and make up with me, but I managed the whole week without using any heat on my hair, for which my hair is truly grateful, and I only wore make up once, which my skin is probably grateful for.

I did keep up my skin care routine, as I tested out my Body Shop products, which I'll be reviewing sometime in the next week. I've had some pretty mixed feelings towards each of the products, but I won't say anymore until then.

The day I left to go on holiday, I actually received a Rimmel Vinyl Lip Gloss that I've been sampling and will hopefully have a review of that heading this way very soon. And whilst I was away, I was forced to buy some Veet and a new Rimmel nail polish (both purchases, of course, have stories behind them), so you can expect more reviews on those.

So, the holiday is over, and I have plenty to keep me busy!

In other words, reviewing service will resume tomorrow :)

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