Tag Challenge: Day 09: A Photo that I've Taken

Day 09: A Photo that I've Taken

To be honest, I don't really take that many photos. I used to whilst I was at Uni, or I sometimes do when I go on holiday, but other than that, I tend to leave it to my mum, since she's the real whizz with the camera (although she somehow keeps managing to break them!)

And, as usual, I'm going to cheat, because I have several pictures that I wanted to share,and couldn't choose between!!

 Niagara Falls. May 2008.
Remember what I said about never taking photos?
The date on this pic is 01.07.2007, but trust me is was definitely May 2008.
I've only been to Canada the once!!

Linkin Park @ Projekt Revolution. Milton Keynes. June 2008
This was the last gig I went to (next Linkin Park @ O2Arena!!)
We were there all afternoon. It was hot. I got the worst sunburn ever!
It was brilliant!

Llan Ffestiniog. North Wales. September 2009.
The mountain is actually Manod, I've never climbed it!!
Ffestiniog a place of childhood, and I love going back
year, after year,after year....

My Parents' Back Garden. Winter 2010.
I love snow. It just makes everything look so pretty.

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