Victoria Jackson Review (sort of...)

On a visit to Sheffield yesterday, my mum and I were "accosted" by a young female in Sheffield train station, and she just had to use the words "freebie" and "make up" to have my attention. And, I will admit that all the way through her sales pitch I had two things on my mind:
1. Oooh, something to review for my blog - SCORE!
2. Oh good grief girl, you're trying to sell me make up and you are looking like that? I mean, her foundation/bronzer(?) was patchy as hell (I don't think that I have ever seen someone's face make up looking so awful!) and buy, don't get me started on her weird eyebrows! She certainly wasn't a walking advert for what she was selling!
Despite that, several things bothered me about the whole thing. I had never heard of this "Victoria Jackson", although I did feel like I recognised her from an advert, but "apparently" she worked on Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives. But, anyway, she showed us all of this make up that "apparently" had an RRP of £180. She showed us mineral-based eyeshadows, moisturising lip glosses and an unbreakable mirror! She was really going for the hard sell, as I strongly imagined she had been trained to do. 
I'll admit, I was sceptical, but we ended up paying £30 for a bag full of this "Victoria Jackson" make up.
Since taking the make up home, I have since learnt that this is all one big "scam", and that this Victoria Jackson isn't entirely anything much to do with it. But, whilst I agree that it is completely wrong to say that it is her make up, when really, it isn't, I'm not really sure where the actual scam is.
A lot of people are claiming that the set is not worth the £30 you are charged, let alone the £180 that the Sales Rep claimed it was worth, but personally, I don't agree. I'm not an expert in make up, or even in pricing make up, but I'm pricing these items individually, compared to really cheap brands that are widely available in places like Superdrug and Boots. The items may be worth more or less than I predict, but I'm just trying to make a point.
I mean, inside the bag that I received were four boxes and a little book.
The Book. Sure, the book probably isn't worth more than 50p. 
Eyeshadow Sticks Pouch. The sticks come in what smells, to me, like a high quality case, and nothing about it screams cheap, as such, put for the purpose of this, will price it at £3. There are three eyeshadow sticks and I would price at at least £1.50 each.
Lipgloss Pouch. Again, the pouch that the lipglosses come in smells and feels like a good quality item, costing (in my opinion), around £5. The only part of the pouch that screams cheap, to me, is the terrible mirror inside, that seems more like one of those crazy mirrors that you get at Fun Fairs. There are four lipglosses, that I would say could be £1.50 each. And, a lip pencil that I predict at £2.
Lipgloss/Blush Pallette. The Sales Rep claimed that the box for this pallette was made out of Teflon, which is "apparently" what is used for GHD hair straighteners. I don't know for fact, that this is true, but the box seems incredibly sturdy. And, I think that the pallette could easily sell for around £10 for the entire thing.
Eyeshadow Pallette. Again, this product comes in a case that smells and feels good. The pallette of eight colours, plus a miniature mascara, and duel end brow gel and liquid liner, I think could also cost £10 in a shop.
So, let's add all that together:
Total: £41
As I said before, this is a rough guess, after looking at cheap options, and this draws me to the conclusion that whilst the kit that I received may not have been worth as much as we were told, it's still not that bad a buy. I have added several items to my make up collection, that I had been looking for, so as long as I got make up that I like and actually use, surely that is better than the fact it isn't really attached to a big name! Because, let's be fair, make up does not have to have a big name connected to it, for the make up to still do what make up is supposed to do!

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